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It’s finally here! After nearly a year of brainstorming, self-doubt, occasional bursts of fleeting confidence and plenty of scrapped ideas, getmymoxie.com is becoming a reality today!

As a busy mom to two daughters and having watched countless women inspire me through small acts of kindness, care and humor, I felt that there had to be a way to nurture while giving back. 15 years into being a mom, I’ve had plenty of time to notice the ways women sacrifice their own time and self-care in order to take care of others. Whether it’s giving the last few bites of a donut to a whiny toddler, or scrapping plans altogether to stay home and just be present with a teenager that needed extra mom-time, I could see a silent strength and dedication among women that connected us.

While the majority of my stressors are fleeting and easily fixed, I could see that same strength and sacrifice in women around the world… women whose problems really weren’t that easy to fix. These women held their babies and kissed away tears the same way- crossing language and border barriers. Things I take for granted aren’t always as easy for them. Thankfully there are some fantastic projects and charities that help women like this– to not only create beautiful work, but also to provide income for their families, job training and life skills that are necessary for success. Not only will you receive beautiful handmade items in your Moxie Box, the proceeds support fair trade and support charities that benefit women locally and globally.

I stumbled upon a burst of confidence in the most unexpected of ways a few years ago and wanted to be sure other women could make space and find time to do the same for themselves. A friend told me once that I’d have to put my own oxygen mask on first– and while I laughed off the sage advice, I later found it to be true again and again… (usually while I was without my own oxygen because I’d given it away.) I’ve shared the same advice many times and realize some days it’s, “fake it until you make it” while other days, confidence and inspiration come easily. Because we never know what kind of day is coming,  it’s always a good time to treat ourselves; to connect and tune in to what awakens us and makes us feel alive.

Make the space and time to connect. Nurture you. You’ve got this!

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