Check out this heartwarming look at a Soldiers & Surfing Wounded Warrior project <3

Sometimes connecting with nature means connecting with yourself. This video is a heartwarming look at a Wounded Warrior project that combines custom surfboards for veterans and a return to nature. I can’t think of a better way to connect and heal.  Please play the video below…


The politics and news lately have been anxiety-producing; most especially as a woman in the USA. The social media chatter has been exactly that for many: chatter. It’s become too much; a near constant onslaught of heightened emotions and preconceptions, and pain from past experiences that have come to a head and feel like a […]

My City and Sammysoap

It’s no secret that St. Louis has been in the news a lot the past few years. Friends in other cities and countries see images of protests and warzone-like scenarios with tear gas, fire, protesters and police lines and have asked if we’re okay. It’s puzzling to me since despite the actually small interruptions and […]

Happy Thanksgiving!

Holidays tend to promise warmth, comfort food and togetherness as the main attraction, but I’m pretty sure the sideshow Anxiety likes to tag along unannounced every time. Tucked into Anxiety’s pockets are surprises like, “Toddler Tantrum on the MainStage”, “Surprise appearance by Ignorant Relative with Addiction Issues” with “Awkward Interactions Galore” as the soundtrack. I […]

Thank YOU for being so supportive!

Part of the beauty of being a graphic designer is never signing your work.There’s safety in never having to admit to having designed a horse food coupon, or a lingerie site for Russian mail order brides…both of which I can say are unfortunately in my list of things I’ve had to design as a new […]