Evolve/ Adapt

For those that know me, I’m forever the poster child for ADD- trying to fit in just one more thing, finish just one tiny task before leaving the house (and inevitably arriving late). I think the fact that I multitask by nature has helped me in situations where I’m suddenly forced to change direction. Now, while I’m good at choosing to abandon projects, it’s much harder to do so when forced into it. It’s a lesson I’ve had to consciously walk myself through. The desire to immerse myself in whatever I’ve chosen to do is tough to cap before moving on. But, luckily my attention span is meant for variety.

I had some plans for today that fell through. It was one of the highlights of my summer- something I’ve looked forward to for a couple months. I won’t go into details- but I will say that once I got over the emotional response to the cancellation, it was easy to fill this wonderous open schedule with lots of things. I don’t often allow myself to be fully creative- it feels so indulgent that my practical side tries to argue that we should do something more useful first… like chores or errands, or planning ahead. Screw planning ahead- why start doing that now? Chores and errands… well, we have enough food for the next couple days so let’s forget those too. And I was done with most of the laundry anyway… so creative time with no guilt was all mine.

My daughter was occupied and the dog was sleeping, so guilt was at bay. *SQUEE*! The comedian John Mulaney says that canceling plans is like the heroin of the adult world and I couldn’t agree more. I set to work, making myself something and my stress melted, my mood lifted, and the best part is now I have something I made, I’m proud of and I’ve indulged my creative spirit. And I got through what was supposed to be a highlight day and wasn’t- and I replaced it with the equivalent of a spa visit for the right side of my brain. I’m glad plans fell through. I’m glad the universe took care of itself for an hour or two so I could take care of me. I say all the time that this is what others should do– and yet it’s a lesson I’m learning, too. Bear with me, ladies. We’ve got this. Go take care of you now- you never know what gifts will fall in your lap when you least expect it.

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